How I Make Money From my Home Office – Side Hustle

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After losing my job at the hospital when the vaccine mandate dropped, I wrote up another resume and submitted it to all the job websites I could find. In the mean time, I went to school for medical coding and billing in the hopes of resuming my career in the healthcare industry remotely… because I really wanted to continue homeschooling my kids (incase the mandate dropped on public schools too).

After finding out no one was going to hire me for medical coding and billing without 1 full year in-office experience first (Which I couldn’t do because I wasn’t vaccinated….surprise surprise) I stopped looking for jobs… and it seemed hopeless…

I got a few phone calls here and there about telemarketing and I didn’t like the idea of cold calling people. So, I declined those offers.

One day, I got a call from my upline and listened what she had to say. I liked it, and figured I’d give it a try. People who wanted information on benefits were sent to me so I didn’t have to cold call anyone. Since I’m a contractor, I get to make my own hours and the commissions are nice! Plenty of my fellow agents have been consistent for over 5 years and are already making over $100,000 annually! And some were able to do it within their first 2 years! But, you have to have a sharp mind, trainable, and always willing to learn she told me… and I said done! What’s next?

So thanks to the company that’s been very resourceful to me and is available for my 50,000 questions per day. I only had to pay $50 (in the State of New York) to take my course, which took me 1 week to knock out. Then, completed my licensing through NYS, which only costed $33. Then I dove into the deep end and got started!

My job is picking up, I’m definitely learning a lot and I’m excited for my first conference I’ll be attending in Miami Florida! If you would be interested in learning more about this solid career choice in helping people and their families, feel free to send me a text or call 315.486.9793 My personal cell. Or email me at

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