5 Ideas For Homeschool Families – Part Two Creative Space –

painted planet cutouts

Magnetic Tiles

If you have Lego’s they’re a great way to open up the imagination. Working with toys like this opens up creativity box and if you can get inspired with it, so will the kids. Also, I’m a big fan of these flat like magnets because they’re less painful for your mamma feet.. magnetic tiles are a sure way to go, especially for the littler ones.

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Snow/Sand Castle

Fresh air is always healthy. Being outside in the elements is generally just better for the soul.

Growing up in Upstate New York, things didn’t go as planned often due to “snow-in’s”, storms, fallen trees, and other uneventful things that would have us stuck at home. Which is when I would usually find myself outside trying to make an igloo. The end result was definitely worth the 6 hours of my time, and my mom sure did appreciate those times.


Egg drop Engineer Project

I remember in high school, we had to build a functioning protective surrounding… of some sort…. for an uncooked egg we would drop from the second or third story window. Some of us would build parachutes, helicopter tops, or shock absorbers.. the list could go on and on. My kids and I have yet to do this project this year so we’ll get back to you on how that goes… I have no doubt that it’ll be entertaining.

Acrylic Painting

Often, my kids and I will try these paint projects together. Once, in awhile the kids will just go off on their own and complete one. For me, acrylic paints are hard to “smear” or “cover areas”. Almost like it takes a lot of paint to get done what I might want to do. But, that’s just me. I haven’t used water colors or oils since elementary school and hoping to incorporate some of those extras into our artistic journey together.

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My daughters grandmother bought her a sewing machine this year for Christmas and we’ve dived into a couple projects already such as hair scrunchies and pillows. I used to be really into sewing and if you’re new to the homesteading experience, like we are, it’s another one of those great places to start. The end results are rewarding and you can usually gather more appreciation for clothing after attempting a hearty project like clothes.

Sewing - Get Creative
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