How To Homeschool 3rd Grade ELA – About Contractions

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This is a brief post about contractions and how they’re used.

Contractions combine two words to make a shorter word. The apostrophe in the contraction takes the place of the missing letters.

Examples of contractions:

  • can not = can’t
  • did not = didn’t
  • you will = you’ll
  • were not = weren’t
  • does not = doesn’t
  • you have = you’ve
  • I have = I’ve
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If you notice the apostrophe, it is where the missing letters should be. “Can not” turns into “Can’t“. The apostrophe replaces the “no” in the word “not“. As a child I had a hard time placing the apostrophe in the correct place of my contractions. Now that I have a better understanding it easier to teach my kids when we spell the words together and the apostrophe replaces the missing letters. I wish it was explained like that to me.


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