Genesis 4-7, Nothing Can Keep Him From His Plan

Noah's ark
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I enjoy writing a little bit of my understandings here as I learn and teach my children about God and his plan. The readings and writings I incorporate into my day allows me to feel closer with god. As our days are numbered, there’s no time like the present. I’ve never been the most religious individual, but it’s never too late to start. Today I would like to talk about what I think of Genesis 4-7.

*** As always, feel free to post your understandings in the comment section below***

God designed the Earth to be very good. Not perfect, but very good. He did not make the Earth perfect because imperfect man cannot live up to the perfect standards of God.

The term sons of god refer to the angels. The fallen angels are those that rebelled against god, like lucifer.

God shared his plan with his angels and the fallen angels rebelled against him by procreating with humans. There are many theories on how or why this event occurred with the fallen angels… But this is my general grasp of it.

The fallen angels may have procreated with the humans to try to prevent the birth of Jesus Christ by ruining the bloodline. The offspring of a fallen angel and a human is known as Nephilim. But all the theories contribute to the possibilities of the Nephilim existence and how they could still be contributing to the wickedness amongst the earth.

Since the angels poisoned the blood line, it leads us to believe Noah and his family were chosen to be saved because they possessed the pure bloodline of Adam and Eve (If I’m understanding the timeline correctly, the flood would have happened 1,656 years after the creation of Adam). Therefore, the flood God sent, was to cleanse the earth of Nephilim. Although, he promises the next time the Earth is destroyed, it will be with fire and not with water.. but there is more on that prediction later in Genesis 8-11.

I’ve always loved the story of Noah’s Ark, even as a child it was impressive to me how one man was chosen to help God to make something extraordinary happen and still trust in him amongst the chaos of the world.. It opens our eyes, because as long as we trust in him and live for him, we can be saved.

Don’t let the world scare you. Our loyalty is being tested all along, every day. Just because bad things happen to you, does not mean you’re a bad person or that it was a result of your sin. But also because the world can be wicked, and sometimes that fault is not ours… trust in God, even in our darkest days. He always has a plan.

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