My Personal Review on The Amazon Blink Outdoor Camera

Amazon's Blink Outdoor Camera

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the my Blink Cameras for a little more than 2 months now and I’d have to say, they were exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something cloud based and I didn’t want to pay subscriptions or monthly fees. I wanted to be able to communicate through a 2-way audio with my kids and also for when I wanted to yell at my dog to get out of our trash can. So, with that being said, make sure you have reliable internet connection for the Blink Camera or you might not get your full satisfaction out of the product.

I ordered mine on a pre-holiday deal right before Christmas, so I ended up getting a three pack. They haven’t met the harsh elements of our winters up here in New York because I bought mine for interior use. Why? Keep reading for my reason for purchase “fun story” below.

I bought the Blink Outdoor Cameras because my house runs heat from a boiler system in the winter. This year, at the end of the fall season, I started it up and as I was tucking the kids into their beds I heard a loud hissing sound. Turns out the boiler got a little too hot and the emergency release valve was working…. thankfully. I was so nervous after that, and even after professional repair, I’d check on my gauges every 1-2 hours and figured it was time for an investment to relieve some worry.


Now, I have 3 of these cameras set up around the home and have downloaded the Blink App. The Blink cameras continue to work as long as they’re connected to internet and as long as my phone is within data range or Wifi accessible. It’s handy especially when the kids and I leave the house, I can still pull it up and check on things.

The app offers video features as well as a quick snap shot. As you can see in the picture below, it has night vision. On the left side, there’s a video option which will give you live feed for about 10 seconds and if you want to watch longer there will be a continue option. On the right, the camera icon will send you a snap shot picture. (My numbers on my boiler gauge are blurred on purpose to prevent too many boiler management opinions from entering my comments section… thank you)

Blink Outdoor Camera View Screen
Blink Outdoor Camera Visual Options

It does this because these cameras are cordless and work off 2 AA lithium batteries (which are included) and they can last up to 2 years. No wiring and no professional installation required, it was a really easy set up.

Compatible with select Alexa Devices you can ask Alexa for views of certain cameras by setting each one up with their chosen name. There’s also an option for motion detection and video recording, but they’re not required and a monthly charge of about $3 – $10 per month.

The cameras have a two way audio feature, so when I go out on a date night, I can speak with them and keep an eye on them using the blink app.

Best wishes and I hope you’ll enjoy your Blink Outdoor Cameras as much as I do!

***P:S when you sign up for the subscription for video recording, it will use up more battery life in your cameras because they’ll turn on every time something moves. When I had my free trail, the recording seemed a little delayed. So, when there was motion, it would take a little too long to turn on and record it before it left my camera’s view***

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