Improve Digestion, Detox, And More With Pineapple Peel Water

Boil Pineapple Peels for immune boosting benefits
Pineapple peels
Pineapple peels

Earlier, my kids asked me to chop up the pineapple that’s probably already sat on my counter for a few days. I don’t like wasting extras when I prepare food. So, I either try to plant it, grind it, use it, or boil it down into some sort of beneficial concoction. At the end of my search, I found these cool useful benefits of the pineapple peel.

When the body takes in the water from boiled down pineapple peels, it can work as a really great detox! All the minerals the pineapple peel contains can act as diuretics, cleansing the kidneys, and removing unwanted toxins.

The enzymes from pineapple peels can also help improve digestion. These enzymes can break down foods faster and move along anything in the digestive tract that’s just “hanging around”. So, making it great for constipation, improving bowl function, and move dead tissue along and out.


Pineapple is full of vitamins like Vitamin C and antioxidants helping fight off a variety of bacteria and infection, strengthening your body’s overall immune system. Nowadays, I think everyone could use more of an immune boost.

Pineapple Extras
Pineapple Extras and Crown

If you want to boost your benefits with your pineapple water, add some ginger and cloves! Drink as tea, cold or temperature water.

The peels on many fruits are actually the most nutritious part. The peels are full in vitamins, nutrients, fibers, minerals, and antioxidants. So save them, boil them down for about 30 mins, steep for another 30, save in your fridge and drink cold or as a hot tea for maximum benefits!

Pineapple Peel Water
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