“Is Homeschooling Better?” Pros and Cons

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“Is homeschooling better?” is the question every parent asks themselves before taking their leap of faith.

As a newer homeschooling parent I was worried that I might not be good enough for my children, because in school I did NOT thrive. But I also came to the realization that school was not for me…. But, as a parent, my job is to teach anyways… So, why not make it a full time gig?

I’m very smart when it comes to topics I’m interested in, which I feel like for most humans, is the case… and when it comes to my kids, everything is now interesting and I feel like I serve that purpose I’ve been searching for as a mom.

As an adult, I love learning new things and I take much more interest now in trying to relearn things in my own time. I get to do this every day with my children, and I love it! I also understand it can be intimidating, but once you can get into routine you’ll start to re-establish the connection with your children. That makes a WORLD of difference.

So, on with the show… “Is Homeschooling Better?”

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  • More educational freedom and flexibility
  • It takes most homeschool families 2-4 hours a day to learn vs. what they might of spent 8 hours at public school doing the same thing…
  • They’re more comfortable and connected with you
  • They can sleep in and invest more into their day by exploring and being a kid (which is also a great way for them to learn).
  • It’s fulfilling
  • You know how your kids learn the best and you can give them a more direct and personal setting, when they might get left behind in public school
  • ALOT less social pressure. They can grow without the negative social standards and expectations and learn to grow with more confidence in themselves without the social pressure.
  • It leaves time for extra passions and adventures
  • You can be there to supervise at all times… What I mean is there is no guessing about what is going on or if you’re getting any phone calls about it. (My daughter was getting bullied at her public school at a very young age and I never received any phone calls about it… so I felt like she was going to loose her trust in adults quickly since she would tell her teacher, and her teacher would say she was going to fix it and obviously didn’t plan on it).


My kids during one of our homeschool sessions
  • If you have a fulltime job, homeschooling is possible, but it’s something you’ll have to make time for in the beginning, or at end of your day.
  • Homeschooling can cost more, especially when you may have to consider giving up your job, possible added daycare expenses, and depending on your chosen type of curriculum, it’s material costs.

Honestly, I’ve researched cons, and a lot of them are myths… So personally, I don’t have too many legit cons I can think of. I will be making another article about homeschool myths as well… keep an eye out.

So on, as a single homeschooling mom, I would bartend at nights so I could be with my kids during the day. But my situation is different compared to most single parents. Long story short, I ended up just staying home with my kids 24/7. But, night positions that end before 1am is a more ideal job when you might be doing this to spend more time with your kids…. and getting enough sleep is important.

I know it’s scary, and the idea can be daunting. I definitely was at first, but when we became more settled into our routine and family bonding, I love it so much more. I’m not missing anything and I don’t have to worry about bullying, or bomb threats. I can teach them what I want to teach them and not have to worry about the political propaganda invading the school systems. I get to raise my kids as originally intended…. and as a mom, I feel like I’m now fulfilled. So… in my opinion, homeschooling is better.

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