10 Hobbies to Try For Moms & Families

brown sliced soaps

These are a good handful of hobbies for mom and families we’ve dabbled in and have enjoyed. Many of these you can enjoy with your children and when you get really good at it, open that Etsy account and make that money.

At the very bottom of this article you’ll find some affiliate links related to each hobby on amazon. It will not cost you anything, but each purchase contributes a percentage of the sale to my blog. Thank you for your support!

How to make soap video

Soap making /Candle making

Firstly, I actually owned a business for about 5 years around my naturals home made soaps. Brambleberry was my inspiration around the beginning of my soap creations. I still continue to use and make my own soaps and it makes all the difference. Younger children wouldn’t be able to partake in this hobby, for lye can be dangerous. One of the great hobbies for mom and families with older children.

There’s so many benefits to making your own skincare.

Reasons why you should grow things


Secondly, having some sort of routine is fulfilling in the busy mom life. Gardening is definitely one of my favorites to share with my kids. We can incorporate it into our education while we learn about natural resources, agriculture, earth science, health and much more.

DIY Puff Sleeve Dress


Thirdly, whatever you’re able to make and use yourself is rewarding and living resourcefully can save money. Also, here’s a lovely video about sewing a beautiful puff sleeved dress.

I used to really enjoy sewing aprons and I wish I could find a picture of a really nice apron I sewed back when I lived in Texas. It was beautifully hemmed with 1/4″ hemming and it had the Eiffel Tower centered in the middle of a Paris themed fabric.

My daughters grandmother bought a sewing machine for her this Christmas. Another great hobby for mom and family.

Coffee Bar DIY for beginners

DIY Creations

This is a trending hobby that pretty much umbrellas over everything from home furnishings to outdoor farming and homesteading. I personally am working on ideas for a coffee bar for my home.

DIY Tiki Bar

Then…. I see some really cool ideas for making your own tiki bar and am almost brave enough to tackle it lol.

Additionally, I think tiki bars are more simplistic and I’m okay with that.

Besides, as long as there’s drinks… we’re alright…


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And below are additional link to more YouTube videos that’ll lead you to learn about popular forms of photography.

Model Photography Landscape Photography Newborn Photography

About Blogging Video


Some of the top blogging platforms are Wix, GoDaddy, Hubspot, Squarespace, WordPress. Each of these blog platforms listed above are linked to their own article on how to build a blog, so you can do your own research. This hobby is best if you like writing and it can also be used/created as an additional source of income.

Niche Facebook Page

For many moms, it’s all about community, especially if you’re homeschooling like me. Communication is key and adding a niche to your area of the world is always appreciated as your specialness contributes to the beautiful lives of your peers. The handy thing in 2023, you can add lots of specialness far and wide, thanks to the beauty of the internet.

Also, the Facebook page is a lot like regular blogging with a website, except it’s free. Create your brand, theme, and remain consistent on posts and peer interaction and you’ll be golden!

Tip: Create a Canva account and create fun sayings or memes for posts. Talk about things that interest and inspire you.

Fairy Pendants Using Resin

Working with Resin

Epoxy Resin is a liquid that turns into a hard plastic. You can manipulate it while it’s liquid, or after it’s hardened. Take a look at the video of some Jewelry pendants that can be made with Resin.

Chunky Blanket Tutorial

Crochet /Knitting

While I was waiting for my firstborn to make her appearance into the world, I took up some crocheting. It does make for a nice hobby. After some time, I was able to make some hats. I’ve grown out of it now, but I usually go back and forth into it depending on how I’m feeling.

On my my interests lately is the super chunky yarn blanket!

Furthermore, you can use a really large crochet hook, or your arms… yes, you can do this with your arms. And since the yarn is so large, it’ll take no time to make.

Natural Makeup Tutorial


Finally, Makeup! When you look good, you feel good!

Doing your own makeup or tutorials can be pretty fun. this is also something my daughter loves getting involved in. So we will do ours together!

One of my favorite sayings about makeup in our house, is the purpose of makeup is to look like you’re not wearing it. So my daughter and I stay pretty natural looking with our natural colors. And NATURALLY… I need a bit more than her since I’m old… lol.

All these make a great hobbies for mom and families!

Thank you for reading! If you would like some more info on other hobbies, comment below!

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