Hello World!

My name is Jenna and my writing will encompass all things related to my family and our adventures together. Ups and downs, the good and bad, and some of the experiences I’ve had.

So… A little bit about me.

Being a mother at 20 was not my original plan.. at all actually. Up until this point, I haven’t made one responsible or mature decision. My first responsible decision I ever made for me and the future of my family was to keep my baby. Elaina is now 8 and I couldn’t of ended up with a better daughter. I would go through all the hardship all over again if it meant I could have her and her brother forever. I felt like I never really understood how empty my life was until I had children. I know children is not a fulfilling idea for everyone, and that’s okay of course, but for me it is.

After Elaina, my son Elyjah (AKA EJ) was born 2 years later. EJ was a planned birth and was by far the easiest baby out of the both of them. He slept all the time, unless he was hungry and I could count on one had how much he actually fussed or cried his first year. Honestly, I always was scared something was wrong since he barely made noise because Elaina cried ALLLLL the time. Complete opposites. But once he turned 2, that took a quick 180 and then it was on like Donkey Kong.

So from here on out, I’ll share my experiences and ideas all related to my family and motherhood. My biggest hope in doing this, is to let some of you know you’re not alone. Life is hard, and it’s not talked about enough. 100% happiness is unrealistic, but feeling fulfilled is a possibility. Without sadness and moments of anger and desperation, there is no happiness. You can’t have the good without the bad, that’s life.

Appreciate the good when you have it, learn how to be grateful for the ones you have. If you can’t be grateful for anything, then you’re doing life wrong.

That’s your key, be grateful, even in your darkest moments.

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